Photos of Those You've Helped!
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  1. Managing Director
    Ethan, meet your daughter!
    Ethan's first look at his beautiful daughter.
  2. Managing Director
    Ethan and Brittney
    You provided airfare to Ethan so that he could surprise his wife and meet his daughter for the first time ~ before he deploys for a year.
  3. Managing Director
    Brandon and his wife
    You, our donors, flew Brandon home to be with his wife in anticipation of their son being born!
  4. Managing Director
    Brandon and his wife
    Still waiting for the baby to arrive!
  5. Managing Director
    Ryan, Brandon and their younger brother.
    Ryan was able to fly home for Memorial Day Weekend to be with his two brothers, a Marine and an Airman. Ryan was able to surprise their younger brother thanks to you, our generous donors! What an amazing family of true patriots!
  6. Managing Director
    Brandon and his wife
    Waiting for their son to arrive!
  7. Managing Director
    Ethan and Bexley
    Daddy's girl!
  8. Managing Director
    Beautiful little girl!
  9. Managing Director
    Christy and her son, Devan were the inspiration for Helping Heroes Fly. Thank you, Christy for sharing your story about being a military mom.
  10. Managing Director
    George Gray "Elvis"
    Thank you George and the Elvis Experience Band for all that you have done to make our first fundraiser a great success!
  11. Managing Director
    Mac and Ray
    Thank you for presenting the colors for the National Anthem. We are so grateful for your help and for your service. Semper Fi, gentlemen.
  12. Managing Director
    George Gray
    George and the Band ~ you were fantastic!
  13. Managing Director
    Brian Fowler
    Brian is a former Army Ranger who told his story and sang a song that he wrote about his experiences in the military ~ about a soldier who just wants to "go home."
  14. Managing Director
    Brandon's beautiful family!
  15. Managing Director
    Brandon, meet your son
    And a month later Brandon was able to meet his son!
  16. Managing Director
    Home from Japan!
  17. Managing Director
    With his son and surprised by his dad!!!
  18. Managing Director
  19. Managing Director
    Home with his family
  20. Managing Director
    Home with his family
  21. Managing Director
    Home for the Holidays
  22. Managing Director
    Dempsey ~ Home for the Holidays!
    With his family
  23. Managing Director
    Home for the Holidays!
    Just getting off the plane!
  24. Managing Director
    Thanksgiving with her mom
  25. Managing Director
    Enjoying Thanksgiving with her family
  26. Managing Director
    Rosalena and her family
    Family of Patriots
  27. Managing Director
    Mama and her baby
  28. Managing Director
    Daddy and his baby
  29. Managing Director
    Home for the holiday!
  30. Managing Director
    Lovin' in NYC
  31. Managing Director
    NDLR 2016
    Thank you ladies for the amazing donation from your biker run!
  32. Managing Director
    He's here ~ he's here!!
  33. Managing Director
    Jason's kiddos
    Patiently waiting for Daddy to arrive!
  34. Managing Director
    With his beautiful wife
  35. Managing Director
    With his lovely family
  36. Managing Director
    Home with his family
  37. Managing Director
    Nathan and his precious girls
    Home for a Christmas visit!
  38. Managing Director
    Home for a very special occasion!
  39. Managing Director
    Wedding Day!
  40. Managing Director
    Mom's Favorite picture!
  41. Managing Director
    David's Family
    David flew home for the birth of this beautiful baby!
  42. Managing Director
    With her youngest child and her father
  43. Managing Director
    Daniel with his sister and father ~ Happy Graduation!
  44. Managing Director
    Vibe City Church!
    We're so honored and excited that Vibe City Church has chosen to partner with HHF! Thank you Mike and Whitney! Services begin in Denver in September 2017
  45. Managing Director
    Margaret Klein and Husband
    Memorial donation in honor of Margaret and her husband's service in WWII
  46. Managing Director
    Flew home for his beautiful mom, Jaynee's wedding. Lovely!
  47. Managing Director
    With his beautiful family!
  48. Managing Director
    Joshua and Katie
    Home for His Wedding
  49. Managing Director
    Joshua and His beautiful Fiance
    Going home from Italy to get married!
  50. Managing Director
    Elizabeth's Senior Project
  51. Managing Director
    Elizabeth's senior project
    August 13/14
  52. Managing Director
    Thank you, Elizabeth!
    You rock!
  53. Managing Director
    Elizabeth in Rhode Island
    Senior project done for HHF!
Helping Heroes Fly" Thanks You"

We thank you for your generous donations which allow us to be able to reunite military families!

We know that we cannot do this without your help and we are humbled by the financial support, kind words, prayers and encouragement that we have received.  We look forward to many more wonderful reunions and can't wait to share them with you! Fundraising continues to be our challenge but after seeing and hearing these heartfelt stories we are more determined than ever to reunite as many families as we possibly can and give God the glory along the way!  
Please use this link to open the application for airfare as a download.


We will do our best to honor each request but because we rely on donors for funding, all COMPLETED applications will be considered first .
 Share our Facebook page with your friends & family to help us spread the word.  Thank you!